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Osteotomies Specialist

Illinois Spine & Scoliosis Center

Spine Surgeons & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation located in Homer Glen, IL & Woodridge, IL

Osteotomies are bone-cutting procedures. There are many types of osteotomies. At Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center, with offices in Homer Glen and Woodridge, Illinois, the skilled spine surgeons can perform spinal osteotomies to improve alignment and function. To find out more about osteotomies at Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center, call the nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.

Osteotomies Q & A

What are osteotomies?

Osteotomies are surgeries that involve cutting one or more bones. Orthopedic surgeons perform osteotomies to treat many bone conditions and injuries. 

In most cases, the goal of osteotomy is to remove or realign the bone to correct the condition that’s causing problems. 

Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center performs osteotomies in the spine to produce lordosis — the inward curve at the lumbar spine. Their spine surgeons also perform osteotomies to correct rigid or angular scoliosis that occurs over a short segment. 

What are the types of osteotomies?

Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center performs osteotomies that involve the spine. These types include:

Posterior osteotomy

During a posterior osteotomy, the spine surgeon removes the facet joints, lamina, and posterior ligaments. Then, they bend the spine backward further than normal to create a deeper curvature.

The spine surgeon may correct the bend at one level or multiple levels. 

Pedicle subtraction osteotomy

The pedicle subtraction osteotomy focuses on creating a normal lumbar lordosis. For this procedure, your spine surgeon removes a wedge of the pedicle, which is the bony tube going from the back and front of the vertebrae. 

Vertebral column resection (VCR)

The VCR is the most powerful and complex spinal procedure. During this surgery, your surgeon removes one or more of the entire vertebrae from your spine, dislocating the spine to improve alignment.

Your spine surgeon uses pedicle screws and rods to stabilize the spine after removing the vertebrae.

Anterior-posterior osteotomy

The anterior-posterior osteotomy also involves removing the entire vertebral bone.

However, during surgery, your spine surgeon removes the back portion of the vertebrae from the back of your body (posterior) and the front portion of the vertebrae from the front of your body (anterior).

With this procedure, your surgeon avoids reaching around the nerves to remove the vertebrae. 

Who needs osteotomies?

Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center determines who needs an osteotomy after a comprehensive evaluation. The spine surgery practice is a referral center for complex adult and pediatric spine procedures. 

In most cases, their spine surgeons perform osteotomies to correct spinal deformities such as scoliosis and kyphosis. The purpose of the procedure is to improve spinal curvature, ease pain, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Schedule a consultation with the experts at Illinois Spine and Scoliosis Center by calling the office nearest you or booking an appointment online today.